We suggest that you consider the option of creating a closed mobile network based on the TottoliBTS - UmDESK soft- and hardware complex.

This complex operates on the principle of a local base station. It contains the main components of the GSM architecture (MSC / HLR / VLR / AuC / SMSC) that allow to enhance performance of a stand-alone GSM network.

BTS now enables:
  • to position MCC, MNC, LAC, CID, BSIC
  • to set GSM network name (both long and short)
  • to choose three types of subscriber’s authentication in the BTS network: open, private and via token;
  • to set an absolute radio-frequency channel number
  • to change BTS signal strength
  • to set frequency range
  • chiphering: A5/0, A5/1, A5/2, A5/3
  • Radio Resource Location Service Protocol mode, that allows a cellular network to request subscribers’ location
  • Calls routing and SMS
  • Two-channel BTS operation mode fine tuning
  • to create ‘fake subscribers’ and to manage ‘real subscribers’
  • to receive and change ‘real’ and ‘fake’ subscribers’ IMSI, TIMSI, IMEI and MSISDN
  • to block and delete subscribers from BTS database
  • to enable/disable calls for subscribers, to view and records calls in real time
  • SMS and USSD to any BTS subscribers
  • Full SMS dump (sent via BTS)
  • SMPP connection to send short messages in peer-to-peer network
  • to save, recover and reset BTS current and factory settings
  • to select any SIP provider
  • Full sniffing and BTS traffic Logging
  • Call forwarding to any number or SIP
  • Remote BTS Calls Logging

Tottoli GSM is keen on solving individual clients’ requests. We have successfully implemented not only virtual mobile operators’ cases, but also projects in the banking and security sectors.

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