Что такое Tottoli GSM?
С помощью Tottoli GSM вы сможете стать самостоятельным независимым мобильным оператором.
Вы можете организовать собственную GSM-сеть. Ваша сеть может быть масштабируема от 50 до
500 000 абонентов.

Есть возможность реализовать практически любые проекты, используя технологии GSM:

туристические SIM, этнические и профессиональные сети, корпоративная связь для
распределенных офисов, закрытые безопасные группы, звонки на короткие номера, подключение
к собственной мобильной сети офисной АТС, есть возможность подключать собственный трафик и
виртуальные номер, а также многое другое.

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Tottoli GSM, a developer company for GSM-solutions, brings an innovative product to the market: a device based on eSIM with the multi-profile platform support.

The offer is unique as we introduce two breakthrough technologies at the same time: eSIM on the bases of GSM handsets and also Multi-IMSI (multi-profile) platform with the possibility to activate profiles (joint of IMSI+Ki) of any reference mobile operators.

Now Multi-IMSI+eSIM contains global profiles of the three carriers. They allow a device to register in GSM-networks worldwide. It is possible to extend pool of presented profiles up to more than 16.
The collaboration of Multi-IMSI and eSIM technologies is based on Micromax and Nokia handsets. Assembling, testing and commercial implementation of customized handsets are done by the Non-SIM Technology, Tottoli GSM partner.
Handsets with the Multi-IMSI+еSIM technology are easy to use and the authentication module (eSIM) is resistant to external unfavorable factors. Also Multi-IMSI + eSIM allows a subscriber to register in almost all mobile networks around the world as in home network and to receive air time and data services at the best price.
Within the technology it is possible to transfer additional profiles via OTA (over the air) if needed.
The product can be of interest to mobile carriers to expand a subscriber base and to increase the number of provided services, to vendors, resellers, mobile service providers and for subscribers to reduce mobile communication costs.

Tottoli GSM is keen on solving individual clients’ requests. We have successfully implemented not only virtual mobile operators’ cases, but also projects in the banking and security sectors.

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