How it works

The service is based on the combination of GSM-connection and

VoIP-telephony. Exclusive roaming and direct agreements with IP providers allow to create various business-patterns.


VoIP technology makes it possible to use already existed infrastructure and slash out the cost of call for all directions.

Using CallBack scenario, you additionally reduce a call cost. Our applets on SIM-cards allow to automatize different functions.

Suggested MVNO / MVNE patterns are universal tools, by which you can develop high-tech business with minimum expenses. When creating your own business pattern, you will be able to use your own or our resources, and that allows to enter the market with minimal risks.

SIM-cards are compatible with all popular mobile phones and have different shapes: standard, micro and nano-SIM.

For incoming calls we provide British MSISDN of +44 format, we also provide DID numbers of different countries. You can also use your Russian number.

Our billing makes it possible to control all actions of a SIM-card and to receive statistic data in real-time mode. You will have an access to location, SMS, USSD, the data, and will be able to create groups and rate-plans for these groups.

Full MVNO focuses on corporate clients. It gives vast opportunities for integration of your infrastructure with ability to use FMC (usage of international short dial-up numbers inside the company).

MVNO models

Main external factors

HNO is opened for MVNO

Competitive market

Low rate of market and open segment penetration

Handy method of control (regulation)

Number portability

Cruсial success factor

Customer knowledge

Strong brand

Up-sell ( sales technique whereby a seller induces the customer to purchase more expensive items, upgrades, or other add-ons), cross sell (purchase of accessory/additional items), selling of service packages

MVNO in 4 steps

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Technical documentation

Representative office in Russia:

+7 (499) 649-60-67

Representative office in Great Britain:

+44 (79) 782-409-73

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