Package Purchasing

Packet can be purchased in different ways: you can receive an issued invoice in a case you are a legal entity or, if you are an individual, it can be a credit card transfer or a cash transfer. Meanwhile, you provde us with your choosed network name and 3 rate plans conditions.

Getting SIM cards

The administration panel gest launched in one day after payment is done; the SIM card start-up batch requires 3-5 working days, if SIM cards need branding, the period extends with 2 more days.

Your rates

As you receive the batch of SIM-cards, thcan start to manage them with the administrative panel having 3 rates implemeted according to your pre-order. Tariff conditions can be changed.


After distributing SIM cards within your subscribers, you start managing them through the administrative panel, controlling all thier expenses and payments.

Tottoli GSM is keen on solving individual clients’ requests. We have successfully implemented not only virtual mobile operators’ cases, but also projects in the banking and security sectors.

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