9500 €

Basic Package
Admin Panel with a full range of options to manage a Virtual Network.



MVNO TEST offers on opportunity to start a Virtual Mobile Network and assess one’s perspectives in the business


+4 000€

Additional Options to Basic Package
MVNO API allows to develop your own Admin Panel to manage a Virtual Mobile Network


+6 000€

Additional Options to Basic Package
MVNA is a Master Admin Panel with extended functionality to manage a Virtual Network and Subgroups.


  • Min Balance of Admin Panel – 160 EUR.

SIM Cards:

From 3€/SIM per 1 pcs

Additional SIM Service Charges:

Operator Fee - 0,02€/min
MSRN - CallBack 0,075€
incoming calls - 0,075€/min

Buy Package
You can pay for a Package two ways: to get an Invoice or to top up the Balance of your Admin Panel. Before making the payment, you need to specify a Name of a new Operator and Tariff Terms.
Get SIMs
Admin Panel is set up within one working day once the payment is made. SIMs loading takes from 3 to 5 working days, SIMs branding takes 2 extra days.
Your Tariffs
Once you get the SIMs, you can start managing them via you Admin panel and create your own Tariffs.
Get Started
Once you distribute SIMs to your Subscribers ,you can manage the SIMs via your Admin Panel, take control over your expanses and payments.