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The Package is perfect for middle and large businesses. MVNO PRO has an Admin Panel (Billing System) with online statistics and all the necessary tools to manage SIM cards. You can use either our telecom resources or integrate your own ones. The offer is extremely useful for businesses with a PBX infrastructure for offices and stuff communication.


Easy to Manage

  • Operator gets “clear” (white) SIM cards or branded SIM cards (extra charge)
  • Admin Panel with Online Statistics and Geolocation
  • USSD and Data enabled
  • One’s own Technical Support
  • Dealer manages Subscriber’s Payments
  • Ability to create one’s own Tariff Rates
  • Ability to manage Routing (open and block various destinations)
  • Your own GSM Network Name

MVNO PRO – 9,500 EUR


MVNO PRO Package:

  1. 500 SIM cards
  2. Opening Balance – 500 EUR
  3. Admin Panel Activation
  • English (UK)
  • Russian (RU)