400 SIM-cards х 8€

3 200€

Preliminary start case


Provision of API


Total of start case is starting from

3 700€


     Internet / CallThru и IOT



This scenario makes it possible to manage all processes, to create different business patterns and different group of subscribers with its own tariffs and services. Ability to develop your own applets for SIM-cards. Ability to create your sub-MVNO agents.

Full MVNO controls its services and offers
Has its own SIM-cards, system of number assignment,interconnection rights and obligations
Efficiently works as HNO, but without its own radio network
Maintain its own core networks.


  • Minimum order 400 SIM-cards
  • Balance credit limit line in billing system – 500€

Convenience and control

  • The dealer gets white SIM or branded product (optional)
  • API for integration and full management
  • Your own customer support
  • Payment acceptance on the dealer's side


  • Ability to create your own tariff-plans
  • Any name of GSM network
  • Ability to use USSD, SMS, DATA
  • Ability to use your own number database
  • Ability to use virtual numbers of the operator


Control and и set-up of tariffs and additional services

Your own SIM-cards

Your own system of number assignment


  • Independent virtual operator
  • Full management of tariffs
  • Maximum profit of your own brand usage
  • Ability to use your own traffic
  • Ability to provide services in mobile finance sphere
  • Cloud services and mobile security


Cost of SIM-cards:

Production from
400 - 1000 8€/SIM


Production from
от 1000 - 6,5€/SIM


Additional expenses on SIM servicing:

MSRN - CallBack 0,075€
incoming calls 0,075€
CallThru 0€
CallThru и IOT

according to tariff

CallThru 0,02€/min
CallBack 0,035€/session
incoming calls 0,075€/session

Companies offering mobile payment services

Companies offering fixed-telephony services

Blyk - British virtual operator, launched in 2007 and oriented toward young people (16-25 years old). Standard package includes a number of free SMS and airtime. To use this offer, subscribers are required to agree to receive 5 or 10 advertisement messages per day and to fill on-line questionnaire for a subscriber profile definition. Moreover, Blyk allows to make calls on creditс in case if a subscriber goes over the limit. Blyk has been very successful in Finland and Great Britain, and currently it actively promotes itself on Indian market as an affordable mobile connection provider for young people.

     API Full MVNO

     Webinar on Full MVNO