Examples of implementation

Secure banking without borders

Using the Tottoli GSM platform, almost any solution in the field of communication services can be found. SIM-cards work according to multi-SIM technology, endless possibilities both in usual voice communications and in implementation of non-standard high-tech projects. Today we are going to speak about secure payments made by secure SIM cards.

International WellTell SIM cards

At a certain stage of work, many successful companies take a decision to expand their sphere of activity, opening some new directions. So did our customers. Having a wide customer base of subscribers moving all around the world, they realized that it is possible to gain extra profit from the telecommunications business line.

«Private club» mobile network

One of the ways to implement the MVNO business model is a creation of “Private club” network. This model suits the most to a group of people who share common interests: business, hobbies, leisure. This model meets the requirements of confidential communications, protecting all the subscribers. If all members of the Private Club have secure SIM cards, no important information will not fall into wrong hands.