«Private club» mobile network

One of the options for the MVNO business model implementation is the creation of a mobile network on the principle of "Private Club"

It is great for groups of people who have common interests in business, hobbies, leisure activities etc.

This model meets the needs of confidential communication, that is protected for all subscribers. If all members of a “Private Club” have secured SIM cards, it is guaranteed that important valuable information will not leak.

Private Club members not only communicate via secured SIMS, but also manage SIMs by themselves, not involving any third parties. This can be done with the help of Full MVNO rate. A billing process in Full MVNO is controlled by a carrier, that has its own admin panel and a website with a user account.

Subscribers who use secured SIM cards are also able to exchange USSD messages within the group: these are push notifications. They pop up on the mobile phone screen and are not stored in memory of a handset or on a server. No attackers can send such messages (unlike SMS, which are disabled on SIM cards for security purposes). Considering this, when a subscriber gets a USSD-message from a member of a Private Club, the subscriber knows exactly who is the message from.

Members of a Private Club can also communicate with each other via short numbers. It is convenient and maintains confidentiality of MSISDN (mobile subscriber number in the network). You can save short numbers in your phonebook, for example, 55555. No one will be able to get any information using these figures.

The created network is completely closed to third parties, and members of this Private Club have the opportunity to discuss issues of any importance, having no fear of information leaking.

Who can be interested in creating a Private Club?

It is perfect for placing sports bets;

Stock market players can exchange confidential information on a forecast of rate changes, without fear of leaks;

Collectors can discuss the range of rates for different lots at auctions, knowing that sellers and other concerned parties will not be able to get access to their intentions;

Everybody who has the need to hold important confidential talks.



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