On September 1 we would like to introduce you to Light MVNO package

It is an opportunity to understand the specifics of telecommunication business, carrying minimal initial investments.

The connection fee is $ 2,500:  start pack includes 200 SIM-cards, the administrative panel (with limited functionality) and 1 rate plan.

With Light MVNO package you can create a full-fledged mobile network, to orientate in the work process and switch to Pro or Full Package anytime you want as soon as you understand that Light MVNO has not enough functionality to serve your needs. To switch to another package you need to pay the corresponding difference in cost. Hurry up to take advantage of this exciting offer, validity of a proposal is limited. more >>>

T Profile is available for loading and connection!

We are pleased to say that T profile is subjected to beta-testing now.

To learn more about T profile visit our web-site:   https://tottoli-gsm.com/profile_t.html/

It is time to create your mobile virtual network operator with Tottoli GSM!

Tottoli GSM presents a new product – Full MVNO

Now you can create your own mobile virtual operator according to your rules with no limitations imposed by the use of third-party billing system.

Now you have the opportunity:

form your own rates,

receive payments and credit money to the accounts of subscribers on your side,

add virtual numbers,

to have total control of options and services,

to collect and process the telecommunications data,

to create FMC network.

You get full functionality of mobile operator without the need to build you own infrastructure.

More details about full MVNO: https://tottoli-gsm.com/ru/full-mvno.html

  • From now on a new service is available: the exchange of USSD-messages between subscribers within the same group

    The service works in a test mode for free until June 30.

    To send a USSD message, you must know a short number (FMC) of the subscriber.

    To find out FMC, dial *110#.

    You may send a message in two ways: using the command

    *999*FMC of the recipient# or using SIM-menumore >>>

    Using USSD-command:

    1) Dial 999 FMC of the recipient#, call.

    2) Sending a request lasts 20 seconds

    3) Get confirmation of the successful processing of the request

    4) Enter a message of up to 150 characters only in Latin letters.

    5) Click Submit

    Depending on your phone model, it is possible to get an immediate response from your conversation partner.


    Using SIM-menu:

    1) You must open "Menu" and select "USSD SMS"

    2) Enter FMC number of conversation partner.

    3) Enter text.

    4) Get confirmation of the successful processing of the request

    Depending on your phone model, it is possible to get an immediate response from your conversation partner.

Tottoli GSM offers FMC service for your business

With our FMC service – you can connect in one network short numbers of fixed and office telephony (both within one office and some offices in different cities/countries) with mobile numbers of the employees.

Using of FMC service is a topical question for your company if:

There is an office network and staff with mobile phones

There is an active cooperation between office employees and distant employees

There is a distributed network of company’s branches (both within the country and around the world)

There is a need to optimize communication expenses

More details in amazing presentation: https://tottoli-gsm.com/assets/fmc_en.pdf

  • Call through from Tottoli GSM

    From now on your subscribers can make calls using call through. It is available in many European countries and other parts of the world. You can find full list on our website:

    https://tottoli-gsm.com/table.html#callthrough   more >>>

    For you, this means an increase of your profit, as with a call through you don’t need an MSRN for outgoing calls. And your subscriber will be happy to make calls as he used to do. Even the subscriber himself can switch on a call through.


    For this your subscriber needs to dial #955 and “Call button” on his phone.

    Attention! On some modern phones this request might not work. In such cases, your subscriber should enter SIM-menu (also can be called PROFILE) and change CALLBACK ON for CALLBACK OFF.


    In your administrative panel in sections “Calls and SMS” and “Statistics” there is a new tab “Calls through”. There you can see detailed information about calls through made by your subscribers.

Tottoli GSM presents new profile for MVNO


Company Tottoli GSM is happy to present new profile TOTTOLI, which will radically change the attitude of subscribers to international communication.

We are constantly improving our technologies and solutions and the result of our work is a product that fully realizes the potential of mobile communication.

This profile significantly enhances the possibilities to work in GSM network, while providing maximum comfort for the user communication and reducing costs....

We have published an article in our blog on http://habrahabr.ru/:


"MultiSim: Technological SIM-phony for several operators and one subscriber"


MultiSim: Technological SIM-phony for several operators and one subscriber.

Exciting stories related to multi SIM cards, continue to haunt the minds of the advanced and meticulous users. Indeed, methods of using SIM, containing in memory a few profiles of different mobile operators, can be invented more than a dozen, and each of them will be attractive to subscribers in its own way...

We have published an article in our blog on http://habrahabr.ru/:


"It’s not a paranoia: threat sources in GSM system and the ways of protection"


In this article we closely observe possible threat sources that can have a negative impact on the conversation security. Using particular examples, we will show how Tottoli GSM SIMs block those threats...

The article contains funny clarifications.

We have published an article in our blog on http://habrahabr.ru/:


"Your own virtual operator"


The article explains what a virtual operator is, what the benefits and perspectives of the work in the status of the virtual operator are and how service Tottoli GSM can help in this issue...

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