The appearance of SIM-chips on the electronic components market gave new opportunities for GSM-industry devices such as transport-monitoring and security systems, telecommunication and retail equipment, medical devices and telemetry systems.

from 200 pcs

€ 8 / SIM-chip

from 1000 pcs

€ 6,5 / SIM-chip


€ 7 900

400 SIM-chips х € 8 − € 3200
Start balance of the administrative panel − € 500
Administration panel activation (with rates) − € 4000

Additional source of working capital

When using the Tottoli GSM M2M platform, subscriber’s balance is accumulated on the side of the device developer, not on the side of the carrier. This is what makes Tottoli GSM attractive for companies that want to try the M2M platform, but do not have enough financial support.

The financial scheme of the mutual settlement on the M2M market platform while working with a third-party operator

A developer of a device receives an authentication module (SIM-card or SIM-chip) from an operator and integrates it into the equipment. To get the data exchange service with the device (gprs, sms or ussd) the subscriber refills the balance and gets the access. At the same time, the subscriber's balance is on the operator's side, meaning that the developer loses access to the financial interaction with the subscriber.

The financial scheme of the mutual settlement with the Tottoli GSM platform

A developer of a device receives authentication modules and a billing panel, that allows to create rate plans and manage a subscriber’s balance independently. In turn, subscribers refill balance of devices; these funds are accumulated on the developer's side, that creates an additional financial leverage for sustainable development.

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