Company Tottoli GSM is happy to present new profile TOTTOLI, which will radically change the attitude of subscribers to international communication.
We are constantly improving our technologies and solutions and the result of our work is a product that fully realizes the potential of mobile communication.



Call Through

Do you remember the time you had to explain the peculiarity of CallBack technology to your subscribers? How many questions were asked when subscribers received inbound call instead of expected "Hello!"? Now, all this is in the past. Profile Tottoli (T) cancels the callback. Call through in this profile will work in Europe, many CIS countries and Russia.

Profit, profit, profit

We understand that in these difficult times, all companies are interested in reducing costs. Profile Tottoli (T) significantly reduces the cost of the call. Yes, we did it. Do not ask how, and do not say “thank you” ;-) See comparative table to most popular destination, and you will understand why.

Forget about MSRN!

You haven’t yet been dreaming about terrible, inescapable, profit consuming MSRN? Now you can forget about it. Call through on profile Tottoli (T) cancels the need for MSRN and provides an opportunity not to spend money on it.

Connection quality

With all the advantages, CallBack system has some drawbacks, primarily a high probability of connection problems, as the call goes according to complex scheme. Call back doesn’t have this drawback. The subscriber calls to another subscriber directly without call back that makes the connection simple and sustainable.

+ Internet

To make you completely happy: This profile gives you access to cheap mobile date. We are shocked by ourselves! To be sure - look at the price list, and everything will become clear.

Last but not least

This profile allows to use MVNO SIM-card as a main SIM card of the subscriber. Tottoli allows to communicate reliable and available both within the country and in trips abroad. This is convenient, modern and global.


Please see the comparative table of the cost for calls here:


One-time payment of $ 3 for the installation profile on a SIM-card;

пEven if you use your own traffic, Aleg should be terminated by Tottoli GSM in any case;

This profile will only work on the new SIM-cards (the beginning of the distribution - December 2015).