There are two types of a call: CallBack and CallThru (direct call). The instruction of how to calculate the cost of a call can be found on our website. This instruction describes the calculation of call cost in details.
Inter-operator tariff, a rate agreement or common external tariff between international telecommunications carriers.
MSRN – a directory number temporarily assigned to a mobile for a mobile terminated call.
Yes. Internet cost can be set in the administrative panel.
The basic SMS sending/receiving feature is turned off by default in order to provide secure communication. For these purposes you can either use virtual (DID) numbers for incoming messages that support SMS receiving (these numbers are available in the database in the MVNO admin panel) or to send USSD commands.
Detailed recommendations are here: Formation of tariffs

Steps for registering your MVNO:

  • You should fill the form (Сontacts). The name of the network should be defined in advance, the required rate plan should be declared, the technical support number - specified.
    (Important! To grant the stable work of your technical support, we strongly recommend to set as a contact number the number of local network and NOT of your network! This is important in a case of any emergency, when your subscribers would not have a chance to reach you because of your network problems.).
  • Order the required number of SIM cards (according to the chosen tariff)
  • Deposit funds on the balance of your administrative panel (not less than €500)
  • Get an access (login and password) to the administrative panel.
We recommend to form not more than 5 rate plans.
Trial SIM-cards we do not. Test SIM cards cannot be provided. First minimum SIM-cards order goes according to the chosen rate plan. The amount of SIMs provided in first batch can be found here: mvno_comparison_table_en.pdf
No. You don’t need a license because you work within agent agreement.
The name of your MVNO operator is shown on the screen.
Number substitution is the service which gives you an opportunity to set the number which will be shown on the second party’s screen. The service itself is a part of GSM technology, but the goals of using this service sometimes can be illegal, but we have no influence for goal setting of our subscribers.
On the technical level SIM-cards work everywhere in the world except not-recognized by global community countries, republics and regions. More details are here: List of countries
Admin panel is an instrument which allow as you to manage your SIM-cards. In admin panel you can open/close different directions/countries. For each particular SIM card you can do the following:
  • block a SIM;
  • top up SIM balance;
  • SIM card can be added to the group of short numbers (FMC);
  • forbid free number substitution;
  • manage DID numbers.
All other changes can be done for the group.
Admin panel presentation: Presentation
Test admin panel: panel.tottoli-gsm.com
login & password - by request on This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
Virtual or DID number is a number which you can allocate to your SIM-card for more comfortable communication and cost optimization.
It is possible to connect your own virtual numbers on Pro and Full MVNO tariffs.
We don’t disclose the list of our dealers.
We don’t disclose the list of our providers, but we invite trustworthy traffic providers.
The quality of the connection is equivalent to the quality of the connection of other mobile operators because our SIM-card connect to mobile tower of the local mobile network operators.
The call can be done using CallThru (direct call) call scheme or, in some regions, on the basis of Callback call scheme. A detailed description and CallThru and CallBack calls can be found on our website: allback_callthru_en.pdf.The list of countries which support the CallThru call here.
You can get a normal, micro and nano size SIM card.