Rate “Trial” Gives you the opportunity to start a virtual mobile network and to seize up your perspectives in business.

In “Trial” you get:

  1. You get 1 month of complete access to the admin panel with no restrictions.
  2. You also get 5 SIM cards with the full access to the profiles on them, that will be assigned to your test admin panel. The SIM card number can be expanded...

Dear Colleagues!

We hasten to let you know that Tottoli GSM web site undergoes a transformation.

Since 28.04.2017 the site has been updated. It kept its used domain If you notice any lapse in a course of review, please, let us know by writing an e-mail to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. .

Tottoli GSM, a developer company for GSM-solutions, brings an innovative product to the market: a device based on eSIM with the multi-profile platform support.

The offer is unique as we introduce two breakthrough technologies at the same time: eSIM on the bases of GSM handsets and also Multi-IMSI (multi-profile) platform with the possibility to activate profiles (joint of IMSI+Ki) of any reference mobile operators.

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Promotional Offer: « 15 days of full access»

Only till December,30

If you are interested in MVNO business model and Tottoli GSM secured SIMs features, but you are not completely sure whether it suits your needs, try out our promotional offer of 15 days of full access. 

Tottoli GSM Company took part in InfoSecurity Russia

On September 20-22 there was hold XIII International exhibition InfoSecurity Russia / ItSec in Moscow. We were there and presented different solutions for ensuring the information security.
At the Tottoli GSM stand, all the visitors could Learn more about complex software and hardware development that allows to ensure the safety of corporate calls via mobile communications. A virtual mobile operator works with the towers of conventional cellular operators, with all the billing and switch located on the cloud server. SIM-cards in this case receive many advantages in terms of security.
More information about our developments can be found at:
Everything is under control: we do protect corporate conversations

Tottoli GSM will take part in InfoSecurity Russia

The exhibition will be held on September 20-22, 2016 in Crocus Expo, Moscow.
This is the main event in the information security market in Russia. We will present several telecommunication solutions, talk about the way virtual mobile operators works, hold a presentation of the administrative panel showing the work of billing in real time. We will also present a comprehensive solution that allows you to ensure complete confidentiality and security of corporate communication.

Come to our booth F8:
Get a free ticket to visit:

On September 1 we would like to introduce you to Light MVNO package

It is an opportunity to understand the specifics of telecommunication business, carrying minimal initial investments.
The connection fee is $ 2,500: start pack includes 200 SIM-cards, the administrative panel (with limited functionality) and 1 rate plan.
With Light MVNO package you can create a full-fledged mobile network, to orientate in the work process and switch to Pro or Full Package anytime you want as soon as you understand that Light MVNO has not enough functionality to serve your needs. To switch to another package you need to pay the corresponding difference in cost. Hurry up to take advantage of this exciting offer, validity of a proposal is limited.

Full MVNO webinar

We want to bring your attention to a record of the webinar about Full MVNO. It was aimed to share the information on how to get started, what we provide, and what needs to be developed independently. Get full information about Full MVNO benefits and opportunities it provides, as well as the technical aspects of the product. The webinar is available for reviewing on our channel on Youtube.

Practical examples of our customers' work process

Many potential and existing virtual mobile operators are interested in practical cases for working with our SIM-cards. We do not disclose information without our customers approval, but we wanted to speak about wide possibilities that the Tottoli GSM platform provides. To begin with, we have prepared two practical cases: from the banking segment and the tourist SIM-cards WellTell. You can see them in the appropriate section of the site.


T Profile is available for loading and connection!

We are pleased to say that T profile is subjected to beta-testing now.
To Learn more about T profile visit our web-site: Profile Т
It is time to create your mobile virtual network operator with Tottoli GSM!

Tottoli GSM presents a new product – Full MVNO

Now you can create your own mobile virtual operator according to your rules with no limitations imposed by the use of third-party billing system.

From now on a new service is available: the exchange of USSD-messages between subscribers within the same group

The service works in a test mode for free until June 30. To send a USSD message, you must know a short number (FMC) of the subscriber. To find out FMC, dial *110#. You may send a message in two ways: using the command *999*FMC of the recipient# or using SIM-menu.

Tottoli GSM offers FMC service for your business

With our FMC service – you can connect in one network short numbers of fixed and office telephony (both within one office and some offices in different cities/countries) with mobile numbers of the employees.

Dear Clients! Since April 4, 2016, conditions for Pro MVNO start package have changed

Now it costs 9 500$ and includes activation of the administrative panel with three tariffs (5000$), the starting panel balance of 500$, minimum batch of unbranded SIMs – 400 pcs.


Call through from Tottoli GSM

From now on your subscribers can make calls using call through. It is available in many European countries and other parts of the world. You can find full list on our website: List of countries

MVNO is fast, easy and profitable!

Andrew Badin, Tottoli GSM Chief Development Officer, held a webinar "MVNO is fast, easy and profitable!" on the 1st of March. Those who couldn't participate can take a look at vebinar anytime:

The presentation is available at: If you have any questions, don't forget to ask them! The most popular questions we will be asked in the following webinars, follow the announcements!

Telecom Daily analysis and research journal publishes an interview with Andrew Badin, Tottoli GSM Chief Development Officer

Andrew shares the information about wide business perspectives that can be acheived with a help of MVNO.

Tottoli GSM presents new profile for MVNO

Profile Т
Company Tottoli GSM is happy to present new profile TOTTOLI, which will radically change the attitude of subscribers to international communication. We are constantly improving our technologies and solutions and the result of our work is a product that fully realizes the potential of mobile communication. This profile significantly enhances the possibilities to work in GSM network, while providing maximum comfort for the user communication and reducing costs....

«MultiSim: Technological SIM-phony for several operators and one subscriber»

Exciting stories related to multi SIM cards, continue to haunt the minds of the advanced and meticulous users. Indeed, methods of using SIM, containing in memory a few profiles of different mobile operators, can be invented more than a dozen, and each of them will be attractive to subscribers in its own way...

«It’s not a paranoia: threat sources in GSM system and the ways of protection»
In this article we closely observe possible threat sources that can have a negative impact on the conversation security. Using particular examples, we will show how Tottoli GSM SIMs block those threats. The article contains funny clarifications.

Your own virtual operator


The article explains what a virtual operator is, what the benefits and perspectives of the work in the status of the virtual operator are and how service Tottoli GSM can help in this issue...