Rate “Trial” Gives you the opportunity to start a virtual mobile network and to seize up your perspectives in business.

In “Trial” you get:

  1. You get 1 month of complete access to the admin panel with no restrictions.
  2. You also get 5 SIM cards with the full access to the profiles on them, that will be assigned to your test admin panel. The SIM card number can be expanded.
  3. You can create your own rates for these SIMs either separately for each of the SIM or one rate for all of them.

Rate «Trial»

€ 500


Financial Terms:

  1. Test admin panel costs € 500, they are credited to your account (€ 200 is the minimum threshold).
  2. An extra SIM card is € 12 per piece.
  3. SIM cards delivery is free of charge within Russia. Please, contact the customer support to find out the shipping price to other regions.
  4. The cost of used traffic is deduced from your admin panel balance.


The access to the admin panel, i.e. login, password and the link to the admin panel is sent by e-mail.
The trial period lasts 30 days and starts right after the first SIM cards activation.
The trial period allows you to get an insight about the admin panel, how to manage SIM cards and to create rates.
When the trial period is over you can continue to use the same admin panel. You will only need to pay the rate difference.
If you are interested in the admin panel trial version, please, contact us via This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.