Technical documentation

Before planning the rates policy, it is necessary to understand what kinds of rates exist. Talking about rates we can mention metered and flat rates. Flat rate is a pricing scheme that has a fixed price per particular number of days (30, 90, 365, etc.). Most of the operators that suggest so called “flat rates”, implement some additional restrictions (for example 3000 minutes per 30 days). Tottoli GSM, being a developer of a platform for GSM virtual network management, suggests providers to stick to the policy of truly flat rates as this way of rates organization is definitely more competitive. To form profitable flat rates it is necessary to understand the needs and wishes of a target audience as well as approximate directions of outbound calls.

Metered rates use fixed number of minutes or fixed price per one minute of outbound call. One thing to remember: rates are a sort of “wrapping” for a mobile network service, that is why a proper service setting, devoted to a particular target group (tourists, vip-clients, students, migrant workers), is what can be and should be done by using of a flexible rate system. Terms of provided services must be clear and affordable for clients. A few words about special rates and closed directions. Tottoli admin panel Tools provide the capability of call directions fine-tuning. You can block and open some directions if it is required. Access control can be provided with a help of USSD-command.

An important thing to tell a subscriber is that his balance is a flexible tool that can manage his communication. The subscriber can independently activate different bundles, turn on/off options (for example, voice or number substitution) with just a set of simple commands. In this case, it is necessary to provide a subscriber a personal approach to determine additional services that can “customize” his/her mobile communication. For example, a popular service “Voice substitution” can be separately activated via USSD-command. The activation will cost a certain amount of money that will be charged off from subscriber’s balance. Those subscribers who do not need this service, can use a set of basic options. We offer a wide variety of management options, making our connection more secure, individual, controlled. The aim of MVNO operator is to form a product that will interest its target audience. One can achieve this via practice and experiment and also by using our full support.