Technical documentation

During the years of work the company has created and implemented a system of international limited and unlimited connection (WellTell), a secure communication system (VIP Secur), a secure protocol for instant messaging and many other products. Developing the direction of international connection, the company has acquired significant experience in working with SIP-provider services (IP-telephony, operators, offering services in the field of audio conferencing and instant messaging).


On the basis of this acquired experience Tottoli GSM is able to offer comprehensive solutions for integrating GSM-connection and IP-telephony.

This solution enables the user to make calls from GSM SIM card at a price of IP-telephony. It also allows for connecting to office ATS (Automatic Telephone System) and employees mobile phones and integrate Fixed Mobile Convergence System. This makes the creation of a unified network of office phones and mobile phones with common plan of short numbers possible, presenting an opportunity of making direct calls using short numbers for the employees from offices in different countries. Tottoli-GSM offers to attain this opportunity on the basis of Full MVNO module, presented on the webpage Full MVNO.


Package Full MVNO

This scenario makes it possible to manage all the processes, to create different business patterns and groups with your own rates and services. Furthermore the ability to develop your own applets for SIM-cards and for creating your sub-MVNO agents.



• Ability to use your own SIP-traffic.
• Full MVNO controls its services and offers.
• Efficiently work as HNO, but without your own radio network.
• Branded SIM-cards with giving pool of numbers (DEF) +44 (UK) and +1 (USA), also there is the option to use your own numbering in the ABC format.
• Make your own rate plans.
• Choose any name for GSM network.
• Opportunities to use USSD, SMS, DATA.
• Opportunity to use your own base of numbers.
• Opportunity to use virtual numbers of operators.


Requirements and conditions of work using Full MVNO

• Minimal order 400 SIM-cards
• Balance credit limit in billing system 500$



400 SIM-cards х 10$

4 000$

Preliminary start case


(if necessary)
Provision of API


(if necessary)
Total of start case is starting from

4 500$

  • English (UK)
  • Russian (RU)